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What is the best TH8 War Base in Clash of Clans?

Weekend here and neither Clash of Clans or Clash Royale is at Clan War. nothing unexpected that our Clan was at 50 players for two or three days after the redesign turned out. heaps of people returning into the amusement to look at the overhaul. in any case, parcels in the quit mode likewise because of occasion arrangements. likewise nothing unexpected there.
seeing much , many less unattended urban areas. so the plunder help that comes after the upgrade joined with more players on amid the weekend implies that that assault blend might require tho chance throughout the weekend. less opportunities to run the minimal effort assaults.

There is significantly more plunder out there still, yet it is high exchange cost plunder. the majority of the protections i see are either an all out war att that costs 300k purple and nets generally that... or people simply dropping trophy. relatively few minimal effort atts coming in. That keeps running into the issue of atts being when all is said in done asset exhausting. Presently with the incomplete plunder reward for not exactly a full att it is conceivable that the amusement has turned out to be excessively muddled, making it impossible to settle on cool headed choices when assaulting. In any event for individuals who are bad at doing heaps of math truly quick while dealing with an assault.

Amid the weekdays I was regularly assaulting with 4-5 hours left on my shield. that gave me a hour or 2 for saint to revamp and get another assault in. with unattended urban areas out there that seemed well and good. the way things are looking saturday morning, i think I will ride out all shields.

The other thing obviously with multi account players is any city that you as of late redesigned you can most likely attack a great deal. following the neediness safeguard works there is a decent risk you will be out of shield for very much quite a while. so simply construct the ease atts and sufficiently spare gold for a couple of dozen or several next until you discover something.
we do need to see this however I think no less than 2 weeks until we can make sense of how people are playing. i haven't seen a ton of our players dropping to lower trophy levels. matt in dc is in silver and saying that he is exceptionally asset drained right now. that might simply be an impact of where his is on the redesign cycle additionally and the way that he is running the offense just update urban communities. we were not certain how they would perform with CV supposing we might need to add barrier to them to survive. That might be the situation. Be that as it may, I did get my 9.1 up to the following stop research. at this moment my reasoning is about the Dark Elixir. so to get my helix up to where I require it for the following stop redesign i will need to hit the nail on the head after a legend overhaul. on the off chance that you are drawing near to having enough Dark Elixir for the following legend overhaul, you are by and large going to see a major full on att that will drop your de and your elix. The counter to this is to drop de to nothing, bring your purple inside, put your gold outside and attempt to lure a gold thief.

Else i am playing the contrarian diversion here. in the event that other individuals are on and dynamic on weekends as it shows up they seem to be, then that is not a decent time to strike. also, that implies ride out all the shield on weekends as it gives the idea that attacking on weekends is considerably higher expense and subsequently long haul more asset negative.
i don't play the poker amusement hold them any longer. that was a great deal of the same thinking. players put in say 100 million, the house took 5 million and the best players got the greater part of the 95 million left, yet as time goes on the house constantly won. so I am applying that sort of rationale here. in the event that the chances are significantly more for the house on the weekends in your alliance, then that is most likely a decent time to ride out every one of your shields. its a matter of both finding the right group and afterward making sense of when the deck is to support you and our TH8 players in Clash of Clans.

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